Vacation Snaps

Posted in | No Comments » January 19th, 2009

Everyone loves a vacation and what better way to show it all off to your friends than taking some vacation snaps. These are the memorize you will have for a lifetime. Be sure to take plenty of pictures of you and your loved ones having fun on vacation. We are working on a special area where you will be able to upload all your pictures on this very site and share them with your friends. In the mean time you might want to try one of the other photosharing web sites like or photobucket. Personally I prefer

Some great tips on taking the best vacation snaps you can are. Always bring the camera. No matter where you are be sure that your camera is handy. You just never know what you might come across and you should always be prepared. If you are in a beach area it is a good idea to put your camera in a zip lock back to protect it from the sand. Nothing can make a camera break faster than dropping it in the sand. If you are taking pictures at night I suggest you check the flash. If you are shooting a object that is far away you may want to turn off the flash to get the best results.